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Most Americans are under some form of debt and some are struggling to get rid of it. In such times, the ability to repair your credit and get items off your report comes as a blessing. However, very few know how to dissect a credit report and most need the help of a credit repair company.

You will find several credit repair businesses out there, today we’ll review Lexington Law, a company that aims to make life easier by improving your credit. In this Lexington Law review, we’ll have an in-depth look at Lexington Law firm including Lexington Law payments, plans, and credit repair services.

The company has been operating for a long time and has carved a niche. It is one of the most reliable names. In fact, you will find a lot of positive Lexington Law reviews on the Internet. The general consensus about the company seems to be positive, but is it really worth the money? We’ll find out in this Lexington Law credit repair review.

What is Lexington Law?

Founded in 1991, Lexington Law is a credit repair firm with thousands of success stories. It can remove judgments and help improve your credit score.

Unlike other credit repair firms, Lexington Law has been founded by qualified lawyers who know the industry well.

They’re aware of federal and financial standards and enjoy a high success rate. According to our research, the average client gets 10.2 negative items removed from their report. This is pretty good when compared to competitors. Moreover, the company offers some additional credit repair-related services that make it a great option for people looking to improve their credit scores.

lexington law firm

The company can help remove the following:

  • Collections
  • Charge offs
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Lines
  • Repossessions
  • Incorrect information

While the company is reliable, we must mention that it only helps remove inaccuracies.

How does Lexington Law work?

Lexington Law uses a simple four-step process:

#1 Access and Analyze Your Credit Report

In the first step, Lexington’s lawyers will get in touch with the bureaus, obtain and review your credit report to find any inaccurate or negative information. To make things easier, the company will assign you a paralegal during this stage to answer your questions and communicate with you. This is a great feature because having a dedicated paralegal or account manager makes things easier.

#2 Identify and Dispute Incorrect Items

Once negative items have been identified and reviewed, the team will draft and send correspondence including dispute letters to your original creditor or credit bureaus on your behalf. The purpose is to inform the other party that there may be issues on your report and to review it.

The team will provide proof to the other party and the issue may get resolved at this stage. However, in some cases, a little more time and work may be needed.

#3 Escalate and Follow Up

Some cases can be complicated and require follow-up. If such is the case, Lexington Law will get in touch with a creditor or bureaus to escalate things. More correspondence may be required at this stage.

#4 Ongoing Mentoring and Alerts

You will receive regular alerts if you have chosen a package that includes monitoring services. The company sends alerts via message or phone whenever there are changes in one’s credit score, positive or negative. This service can be of help in maintaining your score over time.

Pros and Cons of Lexington Law

Here are some of the main pros of using Lexington Law:

  • Lexington Law firm app is customer-friendly and very well made.
  • The company offers a free consultation to new clients, which can be great for users who want to know more about their financial history. The free offer includes recommendations, a summary, and a credit score check.
  • Unlike most companies in this field, Lexington Law prices are very transparent with no upfront charges.
  • The company houses qualified lawyers with experience in credit repair. This gives it an edge over competitors.
  • Lexington Law fees are quite reasonable, especially since it allows users to choose from three packages.
  • The company offers personalized services by assigning a paralegal to every case. You will work with the same person throughout the process.
  • Most Lexington Law client reviews are highly positive and clients seem to be happy with the company results.

Reviews for Lexington Law cannot be complete without cons. Here are some:

  • While the company offers three plans, the cheapest plan, which starts at $89.95 per month, is still more expensive than what competitors are offering.
  • The company offers no money-back guarantee. This means you will get no refunds even if there are no wrong items on your report or if the company fails to remove any.
  • The company seems to have an average BBB rating of C. However, according to the company, the rating isn’t a true reflection of its performance and is due to BBB’s bias towards the industry.
  • The company does not offer services in Oregon and North Carolina.
  • It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, you will have to pay a $14.95 quickstart fee.

Lexington Law bbb ratings

Lexington Law Plans

The company offers three plans, ranging from regular to premium plans. The plans are created neatly, which means you will pay only for the Lexington Law services that you require.

Lexington Law Plans

Concord Standard

Concord Standard is for users interested in a basic plan. It covers only the basics and comprises a variety of services including creditor interventions and credit disputes. The credit disputes process deserves special mention as it involves identifying issues on your report. These issues are reported to the credit bureaus for review and removal.

On the other hand, interventions are different correspondence types the company sends to collection agencies and lenders on your behalf. Some examples include debt validation and goodwill letters. The former refers to letters that prove that the money you owe is invalid and the latter refers to letters sent to lenders to stop them from reporting late payments if you have a decent payment history.

Concord Premier

The mid-tier plan comes with everything from the basic plan and more. If you choose this plan, the company will dispute hard inquiries on your credit report that you believe should not be there. In addition to this, you will receive a complete credit score analysis to help you understand your financial situation.

Moreover, this plan includes monitoring services with the option to receive alerts if there are any changes in your score. This can be a great plan for users who want to be fully aware of what’s happening with their credit report without having to pay heavy charges.


The premium expensive plan includes all the services included in the previous two plans and some more. It comes with a unique service called ‘cease and desist letters,’ which can be used to stop creditors from harassing you. This can be a great option for people who do not want to receive intrusive calls or who have a lot of creditors to deal with.

With this, you will also get identity theft protection and access to some financial planning tools including a FICO score tracker.

Lexington Law Prices

Unlike other companies in this niche, Lexington Law doesn’t charge an initial work fee. The cheapest plan starts as low as $89.95 and the most expensive plan costs $129.95.

Concord Standard Concord Premier PremierPlus
Monthly fee $89.95 Not Listed $129.95

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t mention the Lexington Law monthly fee for the second plan. You will see it when you go on the Lexington Law sign-up page.

Lexington Law’s Customer Service

Lexington Law’s customer service is top-notch. Most Lexington Law testimonials agree that agents are friendly and informed.

Lexington Law hours:

Reps can be contacted via phone 12 hours a day, 5 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. MST.

Lexington Law address:

360 North Cutler Drive

North Salt Lake, UT 84054


Other options include email and social media. Sadly, no live chat feature is available to contact Lexington Law firm customer service.

Lexington Law Alternatives

Here are some of the other companies that can help you remove evictions and other issues:

Lexington Law vs Sky Blue

Sky Blue is a major name and also one of the oldest. Here’s a comparison:

Lexington Law Sky Blue
Year Founded 1991 1989
Upfront Charges $0 $79
Guarantee No 90 days
Starts as Low As $89.95 $79
Most Expensive Plan $129.95 $79

Lexington Law vs The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is new in the game but is known for its excellent guarantee. Here’s a comparison:

Lexington Law The Credit Pros
Year Founded 1991 2009
Upfront Charges $0 $119 to $149
Guarantee No Up to 45 days
Starts as Low As $89.95 $69
Most Expensive Plan $129.95 $149

Lexington Law vs Credit Saint

Credit Saint came out the same year as Lexington Law skyrocketed and offers three plans. Here’s a comparison:

Lexington Law Credit Saint
Year Founded 1991 2004
Upfront Charges $0 $99 to $195
Guarantee No 90 days
Starts as Low As $89.95 $79.99
Most Expensive Plan $129.95 $119.99


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Lexington Law:

How long does Lexington Law take to repair credit?
Has the company been in any controversy?
What are Lexington Law BBB rating and general reputation?
Is Lexington Law expensive?
Does Lexington Law really work?


Lexington Law makes it to the list of best credit repair companies for a variety of reasons. It is one of the few providers to house real lawyers and paralegals who may assist with credit repair or debt consolidation. Plus, it doesn’t charge any upfront fees, which makes it more affordable than some competitors. However, a lack of a money-back guarantee can be an issue for some users.

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