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Reviewed by: Ricky Ingram
  • Offers a credit improvement plan during the free evaluation
  • No long-term contracts - cancel any time
  • Provides mobile apps for case tracking and report updates
  • Reviews reports and items before recommending a package
  • 1 Million+ interventions since 2019
BBB Rating: D
Setup fee: $70-$120
Monthly fee: $70-$120
  • Saving money on the Direct plan at only $69.95
  • Lots of freebies during the free consultation
  • Utilizes the same technologies as Lexington Law
  • Sends updates thru text, apps, and email
  • Not highly reviewed by users
  • Lacks a money-back promise
  • Not BBB Accredited

If you search the web for tips on how to repair your credit, you will come across reviews. The site is designed to help consumers repair credit reports and improve their financial standing.

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.2 stars, it is one of the most reliable credit repair companies that has been in the business for over two decades.

According to the company, it isn’t just a dispute mill but it leverages a variety of consumer protection statutes to make things easier for clients looking for ways to improve their credit.

The company claims to be one of the largest credit repair businesses on the web, but is it worth a try? We’ll find out in this review and highlight everything there is to know about the company, from what it does to its pros and cons.

Let’s start with our review:

What is is a well-known site that helps users repair credit. Details about the company seem to be missing on the website; however, according to the internet, it was established in 1997 and is today one of the most well-established credit repair platforms.

The company has office locations in Arizona and Utah. Now, you don’t need to visit their offices. They offer free online credit evaluations that include free credit score and summary, free improvement plan, and free negative item review.

It has handled more than 19 million challenges and disputes since its inception. The platform has more than 830,000 members and it caters to all kinds of budgets.

The company shows exactly what is hurting your score and what you can do to fix things. It provides credit repair progress and credit score tracking through the dashboard.

Some of their main features include:

Mac iOS & Android App

You will be able to keep an eye on your report thanks to mobile apps that are available for both iOS and Android users for free. These apps are easy to use and come up with some brilliant features such as the ability to streamline your personal online dashboard through your phone.

Email and Text Alerts

CreditRepair gives users the option to set up email and text alerts so you are always aware of the latest happenings. Whether it’s good news or bad, you will receive it immediately.

Online Dashboard

The online dashboard is easy to use with simple navigation. It’s designed to help users monitor progress seamlessly.

While Credit is essentially a credit fix platform, you will also find some great resources on the site including detailed articles and guides.

How does work?

How does Creditrepair work

The main purpose of the site is to identify and remove inaccuracies, disputes, and negative additions from your credit file.

You can start with a free report or sign up for one of the plans. After you clear payments, the company will review your credit reports reported by the three main bureaus: Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.

The company will get in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss your report. They use a variety of monitoring tools to flag any inclusions.

A few things that the company can help you remove include:

The company works with both bureaus and creditors to ensure your credit history is correct and up-to-date.

Remember that only unfair, invalid, or inaccurate items can be challenged. is not a debt counseling or debt consolidation company and it cannot help remove valid items.

If they find issues, they will contact your creditors and agencies to challenge those negative items. They leverage every available rule to ensure your rights are protected.

The company doesn’t only work to remove incorrect items but also goes the extra mile to verify that your credit report gets updated accordingly.

Pros vs Cons of

Credit Repair reviews cannot be complete without pros and cons:

  • Provides Free Evaluations: Signing up with the company will give you access to a free online snapshot that includes suggestions, a list of negative items, and your credit score. This can be great for users who only want to get insights into their reports.
  • Three Service Levels: The company offers three plans: aggressive, moderate, and basic, thus catering to all kinds of consumers. You can pick a plan that best suits your requirements.
  • Excellent Educational Library: The company has a great resource section that can be accessed by both customers and non-customers. It includes articles, interactive calculators, and videos that can improve your credit knowledge and help you lead a better life.
  • Easy to Use: You can use the website to access your reports or get your hands on the free app to ensure you’re always aware of the progress.
  • Discounts: You can reduce fees by enjoying a couple discount of $100 ($50 each) on your first month when you sign up as a couple.
  • Fast: Most reviews agree that the company is fast to do the job and the average program lasts for about four months.
  • Reliable: According to most reviews on Credit Repair, the average client sees 7 percent of the negative items removed each month, which is pretty impressive.
  • Good Customer Feedback: has highly-rated mobile apps and positive ratings on third-party review sites.

Just like any other company, doesn’t come without flaws. Here are some:

  • Lacks Transparency: A major issue with the company is a lack of transparency. Pricing isn’t fully disclosed on the platform and there might be some shocks in the form of unexpected fees.
  • Limited Disputes: You will get a limited number of disputes per month based on the plan you have selected. Unfortunately, no plan currently comes with ‘unlimited’ disputes.
  • Limited Availability: While using the platform, we found out that CreditRepair doesn’t provide a list of service areas and you will have to go to the official site and enter your zip code to find out if it’s available in your region or not.
  • No Money-back Guarantee: CreditRepair is one of the few credit repair companies to operate without a money-back guarantee. This means that you are not assured of refunds if you’re not satisfied.

Good Reviews

As a popular credit repair company, past customers have left reviews on many third-party review sites. That makes it easier for you to verify the experiences of other users.

Let’s look at some positive reviews from their App Store app, which has been rated about 6.7k times with an average rating of 4.7/5. reviews App Store app

In this credit review, the customer thanked the company for improving his credit scores tremendously. He noted that the company was always willing to help with questions, and they removed a lien, which he said was almost impossible to do.

Another reviewer stated that was amazing. They managed to remove two negative items from the customer’s credit report within two weeks of signing up, which hints that their credit repair process is quick. good reviews leverages an electronic-driven dispute process thanks to its digital partnerships and use of proprietary technology from Progrexion Inc. Online disputes may speed up the process of having negative items investigated and removed. complaints

Top credit repair companies accumulate negative reviews from some customers. The common source of dissatisfaction stems from customers not seeing results quickly. Note that the credit repair process is not guaranteed. It’s also impossible to predict how the major credit Bureaus may respond to complex challenges. complaints

Let’s go over the most recent complaint on’s page and examine how the company responded:

complaint on’s

On 05/11/2021, a customer complained about being billed for services after canceling their membership. The complainant stated that this might be a tactic that the company uses to trick customers.

CreditRepair reached out, saying that the final invoice was for work performed for the current billing cycle that started on the 22nd of the last month. They came out clearly that they don’t charge any extra fees. While the company does not explicitly have a policy for issuing refunds, they offered a partial refund to the customer for the misunderstanding.

Other reviewed complaints on their, reveal that the company cares about resolving issues amicably. They go out of their way several times to issue refunds, even in cases where they may be justified to resolve the issue without refunding customers. It’s also a clear sign that is not a scam. Prices Prices

You can choose from three plans:

  • Direct starting as low as $69.95 per month + $69.95 first work fee
  • Standard starting as low as $99.95 per month + $99.95  first work fee
  • Advanced starting as low as $119.95 per month + $119.95  first work fee

The cheapest plan comes with basic features and the most advanced plan includes almost everything the company offers. Unfortunately, the company only promotes the Standard plan on the website, which is also their most popular option.

CreditRepair fees are on the higher side, especially due to the company charging a one-time fee of $14.99 to obtain your credit reports. We think the company should reconsider pricing and provide users the option to submit their own credit report at no charge.

Moreover, be careful when signing up as the company automatically checks the box selecting Quickstart, which will cost you $14.99. You can uncheck the box if you do not need the Quickstart plan, which is for users who are in a hurry. Alternatives

CreditRepair isn’t the only company offering credit repair services. There are a bunch of alternatives on the market.

We have selected some of the most popular alternatives to help you pick the best credit repair services provider: vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law is another company that can help you find discrepancies and improve your credit. However, unlike CreditRepair, it promotes itself as a team of attorneys.

The two repair brands have similar account features, and this is not a mistake. They are both affiliated with Progrexions Holdings Inc. The partnership allows them to access some of the best proprietary disputing technology. So, you will still enjoy modern features offered by Lexington Law, such as mobile apps, FICO score updates, and ID theft protection. is noticeably more affordable, considering their basic package is $20 cheaper than Lexington Law’s cheapest plan. Lexington Law
Year Founded 1997 2004
Services Credit repair, identity theft protection, credit monitoring Credit repair, identity theft protection, credit monitoring
Cheapest Plan $69.95 per month $89.95 per month
Credit Report Fee $14.99 $14.99
Upfront Fee Yes Yes
App iOS and Android iOS and Android
Customer Service Phone, app, and email Phone, app and email vs The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros provides many of the features offered by For instance, both companies allow customers to access their account updates through mobile apps, which is very convenient. They both have identity protection features and personal finance tools.

In terms of costs, you will pay about $69 on the cheapest plans for both companies. However, with, you will need to upgrade to higher tiers to access ID protection.

The Credit Pros top plan goes for $149, which is more expensive than CreditRepair’s top plan, at $119.95. has more goodwill, having been in the industry for longer. The Credit Pros
Year Founded 1997 2009
Services Credit repair, identity theft protection, credit monitoring Credit repair, financial planning, identity theft protection, credit monitoring
Cheapest Plan $69.95 per month $69 per month
Credit Report Fee $14.99 N/A
Upfront Fee Yes Yes
App iOS and Android iOS and Android
Customer Service Phone, app, and email Phone, client portal, and email vs Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a solid credit repair brand, and many regard it as one of the best companies in the industry. They allow customers to select from three pricing packages ranging from $79.99 – $119.99. Their initial setup fees are on the higher side. For instance, customers pay a setup fee of $195 for their top plan. With, you pay a $119.95 first-work fee on the advanced plan. boasts of more tech features. Customers can use their mobile apps to track and manage different aspects of their service. The only shortcoming of CreditRepair is the lack of a money-back guarantee. Credit Saint
Year Founded 1997 2004
Services Credit repair, identity theft protection, credit monitoring Credit repair, inquiry targeting, credit monitoring
Cheapest Plan $69.95 per month $79.99 per month
Credit Report Fee $14.99 N/A
Upfront Fee Yes Yes
App iOS and Android No
Customer Service Phone, app, and email Chat, phone, and email
BBB Rating: D
Setup fee: $70-$120
Monthly fee: $70-$120


While it changes from case to case, Credit Repair, in general, takes about four months to resolve disputes. However, it gives the option to expedite things by choosing the Quickstart add-on but that might not have much of an impact if your report has major corrections to make. helps identify and correct discrepancies in credit. While it doesn’t make such promises, the changes performed by the company may positively impact your credit report. doesn’t state if they offer services in all 50 states or the District of Columbia. So, they may not be available in all US jurisdictions. You can check if your state is covered by starting the registration process, as you’ll need to enter your zip code and address for verification.

The company isn’t controversial and appears to follow laws; however, it was in the news in May 2019 due to a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against relating to illegal telemarketing practices ( commercial) and the collection of upfront fees. Other than this, it is often questioned due to a lack of transparency as not much is known about the company or the people behind it.

CreditRepair is considered safe with a TrustPilot score of 4.2. The company hasn’t been a part of major hacks or scams and takes steps to prevent data hacks to ensure your data remains secure.

Yes, the cost is fixed and not negotiable. You can save money by signing as a couple or choosing the most affordable plan. is presently not an accredited Better Business Bureau member. There is, however, information on the website including customer feedback and complaints that can help you gauge the brand. It currently has a rating of “D” with 2.14 stars out of 5.

You can get in touch with the team over the phone, email, or app. Unfortunately, there is no live chat feature available.

You can contact the company by calling Credit Repair customer service number: 1-833-841-1600.

Enrollment Center is open 7 days a week:

  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – Midnight EST
  • Saturdays: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM EST
  • Sundays: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST

Member services are open 6 days a week:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – Midnight EST
  • Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST

You may send mails to the registered Credit Repair address; however, we couldn’t find it on the website.

Reach out to the support team to cancel your service. The best way is to call them through their member’s support number at 1-800-232-6499. Members can also submit tickets by logging into their customer portal. 

Is a Good Credit Repair Company?

It is time to provide our rating for The company has been operating for nearly three decades and appears to have a decent following. While there are cheaper options available, CreditRepair does come with advantages such as reliability, multiple packages, and a mobile app. The company has a good history of resolving complaints. While it’s not their stated policy, we found that they issue refunds at times to ensure that customers are delighted. Most of their third-party reviews are also positive. Give it a try if you are worried about your credit report.

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