Ovation Credit Services Review

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Reviewed by: Ricky Ingram
  • Utilizes a proprietary electronic disputing system
  • Became a Lending Tree subsidiary in June 2018
  • The month-to-month contract allows users to cancel anytime
  • Sends recommendation letters to potential lenders
  • Offers unlimited dispute letters per billing cycle
BBB Rating: A+
Setup fee: $89
Monthly fee: $79-$109
  • More disputes per cycle with no limits
  • Updates from a personal case manager
  • Launching disputes by ordering fast-track
  • Qualify for a wide range of discounts
  • Unfiltered reviews directly from their website
  • Stopped updating their education center
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No mobile apps

Our Ovation Credit review 2022 reaffirms the company’s commitment to personalized credit repair. They have two affordable packages, going for $79 and $109 per month. Unlimited custom disputes are available on each plan. The majority of customers are happy with the service.

What is Ovation Credit Services?

In the company’s own words, Ovation is an attorney-established credit repair firm with the ultimate goal of helping people live a better credit life. It was fully attorney-owned before the acquisition by LendingTree LLC on June 12, 2018.

Ovation’s main strengths include offering personal case advisors and its proprietary software applications. The company has forged a strong partnership with TransUnion and is renowned for its excellent customer service.

How does Ovation Credit work?

Ovation has simplified its service, and getting started is very easy. Here’s a full breakdown of their entire repair process:

1. Get the free consultation and report summary

The initial consultation is offered to customers with doubts about the repair process and its suitability to their credit profile.

Getting this free consultation is quite easy. Just navigate to the website and either call or enter personal details in the online order form.

2. Sign up

The sign-up process is facilitated through LendingTree.

Ovation Credit Sign up

After entering these details, the platform will require more information, including the street address, zip code, city, state, date of birth, and social security number. The details are vital for pulling credit reports from the CRBs. They conduct a soft check that will not impact the score.

3. Order the service

Ovation will require new customers to select a program. It’s essential to go over the service agreement to learn all about the service.

Ovation Credit Services

Note that as per the agreement, Ovation enrolls new customers for a 6-month contract term. But they offer an option to cancel the service before it expires. They always bill for services at the end of the month as per the CROA. They also deduct the initial work fee after the first week (7 days).

4. Commencement of the first work

Ovation pulls the reports from CRBs. They will set up the client account and assign an advisor. Next, the Ovation case advisor conducts a detailed review of the case file. Based on the outcome, they prepare and dispatch the first round of letters to the CRBs.

5. Ongoing monthly services

Monthly Ovation services include spending dispute letters to the CRBs to challenge inaccurate, misstated, and unverifiable negative items. They may remove a wrongly reported bankruptcy, late payment, collection, and more.

The experts will be on hand to answer any questions. Ovation also provides help in understanding any correspondence sent by the CRBs.

6. Receive updates about the status of cases

Following any communication from the CRBs, Ovation will update the client’s accounts to ensure they have up-to-date information about the cases.

Ovation Credit restoration features

Ovation provides all the standard services a lot of repair firms offer. They include Debt validation, Goodwill, and Recommendation letters. Customers may also sign up for service add-ons, including:

  • ID optimization — The identity optimization program entails the verification and correction of any personal information held by the CRBs. During the process, the CRBs also verify any hard inquiries. Some services offer it as “Inquiry Validation.”
  • Fast Track — This add-on gives the customer priority same-day services. There will be little or no waiting time before Ovation starts working on the case.

Pros vs. Cons of Ovation Credit Services

Ovation has many benefits that make them a superior repair brand, including:

Intuitive platform

From a well-laid-out website to a feature-rich portal, customers will have all the necessary tools and education for the dispute process.

Team approach and excellent advisors

We like the firm’s continuous commitment to offering case advisors. Most advisors are knowledgeable and friendly.

In reviews, customers often mention working with more than one expert. There have been a few complaints brought against the reps.

Quick response to complaints

We have also found a consistent track record of addressing complaints. You can be satisfied with the knowledge that you’ll be treated like a person. The firm states that they rarely receive requests for refunds from unsatisfied customers.

Broad Ovation Credit discount program

The brand offers a wide range of discounts, including:

  • Duo sign-up discounts (20% off).
  • Seniors & Military member discounts (10% off)
  • Competitive discount for switching from a competitor ($50 credit)
  • Referrals for one person and couples ($30 and $50 credit, respectively)

There are some limitations of the service and areas they can improve on:

Not the most updated credit education section

The last published article was on August 13, 2019. Customers will certainly appreciate an active blog section with news updates. For instance, the team could easily communicate the likelihood of delays resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

A higher initial work fee for the Essentials plan

The initial fee for the Essentials plan is $89. It’s the same setup fee they charge for the advanced plan.

What people like in reviews

We like that Ovation Credit Services is transparent with its reviews. Rather than filter and publish reviews that paint them positively, they have integrated their Google reviews on their website. It’s a rare move in the industry.

*Tip (Scroll down to the footer section. Click the Google rating icon).

Ovation Credit Reviews

On analyzing the five-star Ovation Credit Services reviews, some themes were reoccurring, including:

  • People giving shout-outs to individual company representatives: “Mr. Michael, Mrs. Monica, and Mr. Jeremy.”
  • Mentions of the company delivering on their promise. One customer had a 100-point increase in 3 months.
  • Clients promising to recommend Ovation to their friends and family.

Ovation Credit Google Review Ovation Credit Review

What people don’t like in Ovation Credit repair reviews

The firm has a 3.8 rating on its Google reviews page — so not all reviews are 5-stars. On the Ovation Credit Services BBB page, they have closed 30 complaints in the last 12 months. So, what are people complaining about?

Surprisingly, most reviews don’t revolve around the quality of the service though they have been few complaints of few or no removals.

We found most complaints to revolve around billing and service cancellation. For instance, their latest complaint on BBB (07/28/2020) is from a customer who wanted to cancel.

Ovation Credit complaints

In this Ovation Credit Services review, the customer had a payment taken out from their account despite writing a cancellation email. We liked the response from the company.

Ovation complaints

The most important thing is that Ovation takes time to respond to complaints. They seek a favorable outcome for both parties and are quick to admit fault.

Ovation Credit Prices: Essentials Plus vs. Essentials

Ovation customers can choose from two plans, and because the side-by-side comparison is not available on the “services” page, here is a quick summary table:

Ovation Credit Prices Essentials Plus Essentials
Cost per month $109 $79
Initial work fee $89 $89
Personal care manager Yes Yes
Financial budgeting and data tools Included Included
Unlimited custom letters Yes Yes
Official recommendation letter to lenders Yes No
Credit monitoring Yes No

For Ovation Credit Services fees, expect to pay about $198 as the total first-month cost for the Essentials Plus package. But we like that it provides all the features.

At $79, Essentials provides only the core features: unlimited custom validation letters, a personal care manager, and some financial tools available through the portal.

Getting updates on the positive impact of removals during the dispute process is crucial. Third-party services charge about $25 or more for monitoring. That’s why Essentials Plus is the better deal and its Ovation’s most popular package.

Best Ovation Credit Alternatives

How does Ovation compare to some of the best credit repair companies on the market? Find out in this quick comparison:

Ovation Lexington Law The Credit Pros Credit Saint
Guarantee No No No 90-days
Experience 17 yrs+ 17 yrs+ 12 yrs+ 17 yrs+
Costs $79 & $109 $90 — $130 $69 — $149 $80 — $120
Unlimited disputes Yes No Yes Yes
Work fee $89 $89 — $129 $119 — $149 $99 — $195
Mobile Apps No Yes Yes No
Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes

Here’s a more detailed comparison of each repair firm against Ovation Credit:

Ovation vs. Lexington Law

Lexington Law has the most popular repair app on the market. The company’s main strength is its lawyer-driven process and has up to 500,000 active customers.

Ovation also promotes itself as an attorney-established firm. But we think this is insignificant in whether they can reliably remove errors. Their real advantage is the cheaper top-plan that includes unlimited disputes. The company is more personalized in its approach, while Lexington Law, at times, seems distant, even in their communications.

Ovation vs. The Credit Pros

Both The Credit Pros and Ovation are BBB accredited businesses. But the Credit Pros packs more features in its lowest plan that goes for $69 per month: for instance, unlimited disputes, identity protection, and finance tools. Ovation has a long-established record with plenty of customer reviews, something that The Credit Pros lacks.

Ovation vs. Credit Saint

Ovation has many advantages over Credit Saint. Customers will enjoy lower startup costs of $198 on Ovation’s top plan versus $315. Essentials Plus provides personal finance tools, while there’s no such offer from Credit Saint.

Both services lack mobile applications, though they are not absolutely necessary.

Ovation states that they may issue refunds on special cases. Credit Saint has a 90-day money-back guarantee, but it’s also subject to lots of conditions.

BBB Rating: A+
Setup fee: $89
Monthly fee: $79-$109


When examining the legitimacy of Ovation, it also means putting up the reputation of LendingTree on trial. Well, LendingTree is one of the most trusted online loan marketplaces with millions of users. Ovation has also independently proven itself as one of the credit repair market leaders.

Ovation addressed this very question in one of the complaints a customer raised about the service. One of the reasons credit restoration may seem like a lengthy process is because CRBs have up to 45 days to research and respond to challenges.

The COVID-19 situation introduced delays, particularly in 2020. Most customers tend to stay with repair companies for up to six months. But it could take less depending on the number of negative items to dispute.

Ovation has had problems with its cancellation process, and most of the reviews reflect this frustration. That’s because there’s only one way to cancel, and that’s by calling them. Some customers make the mistake of sending an email. It’s essential to get their hours right:

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. — 9 p.m. & Saturday: 10 a.m. — 4 p.m. EST


Ovation Credit repair services have benefited thousands of customers. Their reputation as a LendingTree company fosters more trust. They show their commitment to helping customers live a better credit life, for instance, by writing recommendation letters to potential lenders. There is enormous value in working on a one-to-one basis with an expert. All in all, they are worth every coin.

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