Sky Blue Credit Review

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Reviewed by: Ricky Ingram
  • Offers one credit repair package at $79
  • Provides a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Its 35-day dispute cycle includes 15 disputes
  • Helps customers research on Statute of Limitation Laws
  • Fully-featured packages with creditor inventions
BBB Rating: A+
Setup fee: $79
Monthly fee: $79
  • Flexible billing management with pause & resume
  • Reputed for being honest and helpful
  • Plenty of tutorials, tips, and How-to guides
  • Simple and clear 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Fees for the top plan are lower on average
  • No finance tools or ID protection
  • The website lacks team profiles

Have you ever applied for a loan only to discover you do not qualify? The most probable reason is a bad credit score — it makes borrowing and refinancing impossible or difficult. If the total is suspiciously low, Sky Blue Credit Repair can help you restore it.

A lot of companies in 2022 promise to clean mistakes off your records and get your finances back on track. However, finding a legal, reputable, and trustworthy provider is not easy. Can you trust Sky Blue?

This company is regarded as one of the best review firms driving solid results. It has a competitive edge and a reputation for excellence. The fixer is known for its seamless processes, exceptional service, positive customer reviews, and unmatched guarantee. It is included in our rating of top credit repair companies of 2022.

If you are wondering whether to hire Sky Blue for your needs, you are in the right place. This article is an in-depth review. We will explain what we like and dislike about the company’s services today. Read on to make an informed decision. Is this the perfect provider you have been looking for?

What Is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

This company was founded decades ago — in 1989. Its headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida, but the services are available in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the oldest firms in the country. Like other major names in the industry, it promises to increase credit scores through disputes on your behalf.

what is sky blue credit

There is just one package of services. It includes expert analysis of reports, collection of evidence, and written communication with lenders, bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), and collectors. This plan is useful for any customer with mistakes on credit reports, particularly when there are multiple errors.

Every 35 days, Sky Blue will dispute up to five items per bureau (15 in total). Customers may track the progress online through the web portal. Learn more about the plan and rates below.

How Does Sky Blue Work?

Sky Blue follows straightforward assessment procedures. It performs an in-depth review of your credit score and opens disputes. Here is how it works.

How Does Sky Blue Work

Step 1: Enrollment

First, you need to sign up and provide the necessary personal information. This includes your name, contact details, street address, and email address. Afterward, follow the instructions to proceed.

Step 2: Review of Your Reports

Once Sky Blue gets the records, they will review them line-by-line and evaluate any false details. The team will also check for other inconsistencies that may be disputed to increase your score. They will present the results of this analysis, so you may decide which issues to focus on.

Step 3: Disputing Process

After flagging the items, Sky Blue will submit dispute letters to bureaus on your behalf. These inform the agencies of possible errors in their data. If the entries in question are not corrected, Sky Blue will proceed to the next step. It will try to achieve a positive outcome through customized re-disputes.

Additional Services

The company will give tips for faster fixing and rebuilding your credit score. Its digital services are also praiseworthy. The Sky Blue portal is designed to allow clients to pause their membership, track progress, upload documents, manage billing and personal information.

Pros and Cons of Sky Blue

The company’s strengths make it attractive for all categories of clients. First, there is an all-in-one repair package. The company will collect your data, find the most damaging errors and have them removed. If you are not happy with the services (for any reason!), Sky Credit Repair will provide a refund. Such unconditional policies are rare. The guarantee covers the first 90 days of use.

The number of complaints on BBB (8) points to high standards of customer service. The Sky Blue Credit Repair review average is 4.27, which is impressive. The staff responds to all comments on the site, and the replies confirm that refunds are provided unconditionally. The biggest disadvantage is the absence of monitoring and free consultation. Overall, the pros clearly outweigh the cons.

Pros and Cons of Sky Blue

Sky Blue Credit Repair Prices

The company has only one plan, so you do not have to compare different tiers and rates. For a monthly rate of $79, you get the full repair package. The upfront fee is identical — $79. This structure of Sky Blue Credit Repair cost is simple and clear.

You cannot get the first consultation for free, but online signup is a rare benefit. The company will collect your reports, analyze them, and find flaws it can dispute. The first work fee is charged six days after enrollment. If you sign up together with your partner, they get a 50% discount on both the initial and ongoing charges.

While working on your case, the firm will communicate with bureaus, lenders, and collection agencies on your behalf. Within the first 90 days, if it fails to achieve the expected results, you are entitled to a refund. This right does not depend on a specific outcome. You may cancel for any reason and get your money back. Sky Blue Credit Repair prices are average, but this offer is unmatched.

Sky Blue Alternatives

The credit repair industry has a number of major players. Let’s see how the company’s services compare to those of competitors. For this review, we have chosen the strongest rivals — Lexington Law, The Credit Pros, and Unlike Sky Blue Credit, all these companies offer different plans, and their rates are substantially higher. While the full spectrum of services is broader, it is only accessible with more expensive packages.

Sky Blue Repair Lexington Law The Credit Pros
In business since 1989 2004 2009 2012
Types of services credit repair credit repair,


financial planning,

identity theft protection

repair, monitoring, credit line, education credit repair, education, and monitoring
Rates (upfront) $79 $0 $49-$149 $69.95-$119.95
Rates (monthly) $79 $89.99 – $129.95 $119-$149 $69.95 to $119.95
Support phone, email, website phone, email, and mobile app phone, email, app phone, email

Sky Blue vs Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the biggest names. While its app is praiseworthy, its reputation has suffered in recent years. The BBB site alerts customers of legal action, and the number of complaints is overwhelming (over 600!). These factors should make you think twice before signing up. No refunds are possible.

Sky Blue vs The Credit Pros

This firm has some of the highest setup fees. While the entry-level plan costs just $49 monthly, it limits the number of disputes to one. On the upside, customers have access to the National Credit Line. They may not just repair, but also rebuild their history. The digital tools are also highly rated. The company has a BBB accreditation with a high rating (A-).

Sky Blue vs

Despite a wider range of services, has a lower BBB rating (D). It has been facing consistent criticism from customers. Like Lexington Law, the firm gives no refunds. These drawbacks outweigh any advantages, such as its powerful app, low setup fees, and monitoring.

BBB Rating: A+
Setup fee: $79
Monthly fee: $79


Every repair case is unique. Its duration is not fully predictable, but one thing is certain: your report will not be cleaned overnight. The more false items — the longer. This is why credit fixing companies charge a monthly fee.

The duration also depends on the frequency of disputes. Some competitors work in 45-day cycles. This means they may dispute a certain number of entries (often, 5) within each period. This company accelerates the procedure, as its cycle is shorter — 35 days. Up to 5 inquiries may be sent to each bureau — 15 in total.

With Sky Blue Credit, you pay as long as you need their services. Cancellation is possible at any time without an extra charge — just call the company during its regular hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST). The phone number is (800) 790-0445. You can also send them an email or cancel via the site. If this happens within the first 90 days, you may request a refund.

First, the staff reviews your records to identify any disputable items. If these are found, the company moves on to the next step. It collects hard evidence (like bank statements) and engages in different types of formal correspondence. Every 35 days, dispute letters are sent to remove up to 15 items from your reports.

The Sky Blue Credit Repair services also include goodwill letters, debt validation letters, and cease and desist letters — at no additional cost. As a result, your bank may agree to stop reporting outdated items, while the collectors will stop phoning you.

If the reports are correct, the company will recommend ways for improving your score. For instance, it may suggest you pay off certain balances first. Another possible solution is opening a new secured credit card. They will also help restore your total in the long run by following a customized rebuilding plan.

Yes. This company has been repairing scores for 31 years. It is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but you can find its full profile on the official site ( Sky Blue was founded and incorporated in 1989, and its BBB file was opened in 2007. The page includes key contact information, including the President (Mr. James Kemish).

In the past 3 years, the monitoring agency has registered only eight complaints. This is excellent, especially when compared to Lexington Law. There are no Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews from 2022 yet, but you can find some of the previous years. The latest feedback describes the company as honest and professional, mentions great customer service, and an increase in score by 100 points.

The money-back policy proves that Sky Blue is confident about its ability to improve your credit file. Refunds are provided within the first 90 days. This guarantee is not voided by the successful removal of derogatories. If you are not happy with the services for any reason, the firm will pay your fees back.


Based on the latest Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews and expert evaluations, we recommend considering this company’s services. It offers clear and simple pricing, a single comprehensive plan, user-friendly support, and digital tools. The unconditional money-back guarantee is unparalleled. Despite the absence of score monitoring, the benefits are undeniable.

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