Best Credit Repair Companies in Georgia

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Understanding Our Review Process

Our trusted companies for Georgia credit repair have demonstrated professionalism in their dealings with customers. They utilize approved techniques and have working phone numbers and established locations.

Stage 1
Deep Dive

The first step involved gaining a firm understanding of the service under consideration. This was done through a comprehensive check of all website pages, social media pages, and third-party services.

Stage 2
Trust Verification

At this stage, our experts watched out for any peculiarities with the services that could indicate suspicious behavior, for instance, failing to disclose their work process or not providing a verifiable physical address.

Stage 3
Suitability Matching

Our experts considered if the services matched the client’s expectations in terms of price or service features. We left out companies that lacked standard features such as modern portals or services charging abnormal rates.

Stage 4

We tried to rate and score the companies across the key focus points, making it easier for our experts to generate the rankings and find the best performers. Only the best companies passed the tough qualification process to be considered for Credit Repair in Georgia.

Stage 5
Review Prep

With deep insights into the operations of different Georgia Credit Repair Companies, our team of passionate experts had all the knowledge needed to prepare an in-depth review touching on all major aspects that customers care about.

Top-7 Credit Repair Companies in Georgia

Are you in need of credit repair services in Georgia? You need to avoid potential pitfalls associated with scammy companies. They may take your money and offer nothing in return.

Because of the high number of services and options available, it’s important to have a second expert opinion when choosing a potential service. We’ll be aiding your selection of the best credit repair service in Georgia based on your needs. Here are some top services to consider:

  • The Credit Pros
  • Lexington Law
  • Sky Blue Credit Repair
  • Ovation Credit Repair
  • Advanced Credit Help
  • Galleria Credit Repair
  • Bright Beginnings Financial Services

The Credit Pros

  • Provides an AI-Driven credit management system
  • Staffed by FICO® certified experts
  • Unlimited disputes on all credit repair packages
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Plenty of extra features with each package
  • 90-day assurance
BBB Rating: B+
Setup fee: $119-$149
Monthly fee: $69-$149
  • Launches more disputes during each billing cycle
  • All plans include access to their legal network
  • Facilitates credit building thru National Direct
  • Personalized help at all stages
  • Book a convenient time to receive the free call
  • Provides mobile apps and personal finance tools
  • Charges a setup fee of $119 for their $69 plan
  • Few credit education resources
  • Lacks a clear website and performance stats

Led by repair expert Jason M. Kaplan, the company has emerged as one of the best services nationwide. They are confident in getting successful outcomes for clients. That’s why they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can choose from three packages at $69, $119, and $149 for credit repair in Georgia.

  • Phone Number: (866) 853-0478
  • Service Hours: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Mon – Fri, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sat

Lexington Law

  • Utilizes digital partnerships for faster outcomes
  • The most popular credit repair app on Android and iOS
  • Founded and operated by attorneys
  • A Progrexion Holding Inc Consumer Brand
  • Highly experienced with 221M+ challenges since 2004
BBB Rating: C
Setup fee: $89-$129
Monthly fee: $90-$130
  • Offers coaching to encourage good credit behaviors
  • Leverages each angle of the law for better success
  • Known for fast and effective disputes
  • Monitors each aspect of the service through the app
  • Offers dedicated focus tracks to deal with life events such as divorce
  • Packages have become expensive
  • No service guarantee or refund policy
  • Not BBB Accredited

If you’re looking for credit repair lawyers in Georgia, choosing Lexington Law will be a safe bet. The company has emerged as one of the best services nationwide, offering an attorney-backed process. Customers also receive direct assistance and rebuilding help for paralegals. The packages are relatively affordable, ranging from $89.85 to $129.95. You can also get a free consultation.

  • Phone Number: 1-877-540-1344
  • Service Hours: 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sat, MT

Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • Offers one credit repair package at $79
  • Provides a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Its 35-day dispute cycle includes 15 disputes
  • Helps customers research on Statute of Limitation Laws
  • Fully-featured packages with creditor inventions
BBB Rating: A+
Setup fee: $79
Monthly fee: $79
  • Flexible billing management with pause & resume
  • Reputed for being honest and helpful
  • Plenty of tutorials, tips, and How-to guides
  • Simple and clear 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Fees for the top plan are lower on average
  • No finance tools or ID protection
  • The website lacks team profiles

Sky Blue is one of the longest-running credit repair firms. Clients only pay $79 per month with services backed by one of the most robust guarantees. Unsatisfied customers get their money back even if there has been a single deletion within 90 days.

  • Phone Number: +1 800-790-0445
  • Service Hours: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Mon to Friday

Ovation Credit Services

  • Utilizes a proprietary electronic disputing system
  • Became a Lending Tree subsidiary in June 2018
  • The month-to-month contract allows users to cancel anytime
  • Sends recommendation letters to potential lenders
  • Offers unlimited dispute letters per billing cycle
BBB Rating: A+
Setup fee: $89
Monthly fee: $79-$109
  • More disputes per cycle with no limits
  • Updates from a personal case manager
  • Launching disputes by ordering fast-track
  • Qualify for a wide range of discounts
  • Unfiltered reviews directly from their website
  • Stopped updating their education center
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No mobile apps

Ovation offers personalized services for Georgia credit repair because they assign a personal case adviser to each client. Their Essentials Plus plan goes for $109 per month with a setup fee of only $89. Past customers have experienced an average score improvement of 19 points.

  • Phone Number: +1 866-639-3426
  • Support Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mon to Fri, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sat

Advanced Credit Help, Georgia

ACH believes that credit restoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Their prices start at $59.95 per month. They use their three-step process in repairing client credit scores. First, they assess the customer’s financial reality. Based on the comprehensive assessment, they formulate improvement strategies before trying to build your knowledge.

  • Phone Number: (877) 256-5646
  • Service Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon to Fri
  • Local Address: 3235 Satellite Blvd Bldg 400 Suite 300, Duluth, GA, 30096

Galleria Credit Repair, Georgia

Galleria boasts of over 10 years of Credit counseling

experience. It’s one of the local credit repair companies in Georgia. The service also offers genuine authorized user accounts. Their pricing is dependent on the number of items and type.

  • Phone Number: (470) 391-0303
  • Service Hours: 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Mon to Sat
  • Local Address: 400 Galleria Pkwy Suite 1500, Atlanta, GA 30339

Bright Beginnings Financial Services, Georgia

Bright Beginnings is one of the best credit repair services in Georgia for local and friendly services. Marquita Leonard, a certified credit consultant, leads a team of passionate professionals in repairing unverifiable debt, late payment entries, and more items. The membership plan goes for only $99 per month with an enrollment fee of $160.

  • Phone Number: 678-831-5553
  • Service Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon – Fri
  • Local Address: 6640 NW 7TH STREET #206 MIAMI, FL 33126
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Credit Repair in Georgia

You need to maintain a high level of awareness when engaging with credit repair services in Georgia. Not every service will have your best interest at heart. Some services may end up overcharging you, with claims of “priority” or “premium” services. Here are more pointers that may help you stay safe:

  • Avoid services promoting Credit Private Numbers (CPNs);
  • Don’t order a credit sweep unless you’re a genuine victim of identity theft;
  • You should never pay thousands of dollars for repair services;
  • Check for markers of unreliable services such as poor website design, non-working phone numbers, and elusiveness with questions;
  • Avoid services that encourage you to lie during the dispute process;
  • Review the service contract before enrolling for paid services. It should define your rights under the FCRA and disclose all service aspects.

You should also have ideal expectations when engaging with any service. Even the best credit repair companies in GA cannot remove genuine entries from reports.


Customers are within their right to dispute mistakes in their reports as per the provisions of the FCRA. Once bureaus receive notifications about potential mistakes, they have to conduct investigations within 30 to 45 days and delete unverifiable information.

Georgia Consumer Protection laws approve selected entities to offer repair assistance, including attorneys, FDIC-approved banks, real estate brokers, lenders, registered financial advisors, and nonprofits.

The cost ranges from about $50 to $120 per month. It’s also essential to anticipate and plan for the initial setup fee. With most top services, it corresponds to the monthly package cost. Some companies may charge customers per item removal.

It’s difficult to predict the actual score improvement you may see after working with reputable companies for credit repair in Georgia. Scoring algorithms take into account many data points in generating scores. However, if you have serious material errors removed, you could experience a significant boost.

Remember that it’s not a requirement to work with credit repair specialists. You can do everything they do for yourself. Their real value is making the process more convenient.