665 Credit Score: Is It Good or Bad?

665 credit score
Published by: Ricky Ingram
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A 665 credit score falls into the “Fair” score range. It’s neither good nor bad. Creditors label applicants with fair or poor scores as subprime borrowers. The implication is that they are at a higher risk of defaulting on a new loan.

At-risk borrowers have limited borrowing options. For instance, they may fail to qualify for a conventional mortgage. It’s not all bad news. myFICO.com defines “Good” scores as ranging from 670 to 739.

Moving from a 665 credit score to a 670 score only requires gaining five points. A simple step such as lowering the average credit utilization rate on your active credit card accounts can allow you to bridge the difference.

Let’s take a look at what it means to have a credit score of 665.

Is 665 a Good Credit Score?

There’s some confusion pertaining to credit score ranges because some sources will tell you that a score range from 660-699 qualifies as “Good.”

Well, let’s clear the confusion. There are two main credit scoring models, FICO® and VantageScore. The selected model may affect the 665 credit score meaning. If your VantageScore is 665, it’s regarded as Good. But if it is a 665 FICO score, it falls into the fair range.

Score ranges are not set in stone. Some lenders may consider any FICO score above 660 as good. With the average FICO scores steadily climbing, many lenders have now set 680 as the minimum score required to qualify for their conventional loan products.

Checking your score from different providers is also important. Your FICO score may differ depending on the scoring model utilized by the lender. For instance, many creditors are still using FICO® Score 8, launched in 2009. It has been replaced by newer scoring versions, such as the FICO® Score 9, unveiled in 2014. The upgraded model was less strict on collection accounts resulting from unpaid medical bills.

The Fair Isaac Corporation recently launched FICO ® Score 10. While the effects of late payments and high credit utilization rates have become more pronounced, it doesn’t take into account paid collection accounts.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that there are industry-specific scoring models. For instance, FICO® Score 8 has multiple variants tailored to different credit products such as credit cards and auto loans.

Because your credit reports may contain different information, lenders may request all your three scores and use the median score during loan approval.

So, is 665 a good credit score? Not so much. Consider raising the score to higher tiers, for instance, moving from a 665 score to the 700s. That way, you don’t have to worry about sitting on the fringes and being categorized as a subprime consumer. Did you know that the average FICO score was 711 in 2020?

Credit Cards for a 665 Credit Score

It’s quite possible to find credit cards for a 665 score. Several card issuers lump customers with scores as low as 630 in the fair category. Here are some best cards for fair credit:

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

The biggest advantage of the Platinum MasterCard from Capital One is the lack of an annual fee. The purchase variable APR is currently 22.99%. It has fraud liability protection, meaning that cardholders are not responsible for unauthorized charges if the card is lost or stolen. The only limitation is the lack of cashback rewards.

QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

The QuicksilverOne Card gives users an unlimited 1.5% cashback on each purchase. For instance, by spending $500 per month, you can earn a cashback of up to $90 per year. It has a variable APR of 22.99% and comes with other standard features such as 24/7 customer service, balance transfer, no foreign transaction fees, and emergency card replacement.

 Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card

Petal 1 Visa

The Petal® 1 and Petal® 2 are great credit cards for 665 credit scores. This card issuer believes that credit scores don’t tell the full story and considers the applicant’s banking history as the premise for approving the card.

For the Petal ® 1 Card, the APR ranges from 19.99% to 29.49%, with the cashback ranging from 2 – 10% at select merchants. There is no annual fee, and cardholders are enrolled in the Leap Program to help them increase their scores by making timely payments.

Car Loan Rates for a 665 Credit Score

Can you get a car loan with a 665 credit score? Yes, and you will have a selection of different lenders, including Captive Finance, banks, credit unions, and other financial corporations. You should actively avoid buy-here-pay-here lots because of their high predatory interest rates.

What will be the interest rate for a 665 credit score? It’s hard to predict the interest rate you may end up paying. For instance, according to Experian’s Automotive Industry Insights report (Q2, 2020), subprime customers paid 13.30% on loans for independent used vehicles, compared to 6.89% paid by prime consumers.

Personal Loan with a 665 Credit Score

“Can I get a personal loan with a 665 credit score?”

Personal loans often have strict requirements because they are unsecured and based on the borrower’s promise to repay.

Many of the top providers of personal loans have score requirements. For instance, SoFi requires a minimum credit score of 680. Lenders that accept scores of up to 660, such as LightStream, may pay close attention to other factors to judge the customer’s creditworthiness.

There has been a rise of automated-approval platforms that utilize alternative data. Therefore, credit scores are continually playing a less diminishing role during loan approvals.

Mortgage with a 665 Credit Score

Getting a mortgage with a 665-credit score is quite possible. While most lenders require scores of 720 or higher before approving conventional mortgages, a few mortgage lenders such as Quicken Loans may accept applicants with scores as low as 620.

The advantage of a conventional loan is that it often has more flexible features and better interest rates. However, this is not true for all borrowers. While it’s possible to obtain a home loan with a 665 credit score, you may end up paying expensive rates, accessing low loan amounts, or paying a larger down payment.

Borrowers who can’t qualify for conventional mortgages can consider applying for an FHA-backed loan, where the minimum credit score is as low as 580.

If you want to view 665 credit score mortgage rates, the best recommendation is to get prequalified.

How to Improve a 665 Credit Score?

An excellent credit score can unlock better and diverse credit opportunities than a fair credit score. Let’s look at some strategies that will result in a quick or long-term boost:

1. Disputing credit mistakes

Credit reporting errors may contribute to low scores, and it’s vital to correct any existing inaccuracies. Order copies of your credit report from each bureau, and check for mistakes such as:

  • Personally Identifiable Information errors, e.g., wrong names, misspelled names, or incorrect addresses;
  • Unfamiliar accounts, which may indicate identity theft;
  • Wrong account status;
  • Incorrect credit limit and balances on cards;
  • Inaccurate account open and closed dates;
  • Duplicate accounts;
  • Strange late payments;
  • And more.

Challenge the mistakes through the online disputing portals provided by Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. For a done-for-you approach, work with credit repair companies that will facilitate the dispute process.

2. Become listed as an authorized user

Most credit cards allow the primary account holder to add authorized users. Once you’re added as an AU, you inherit the account’s payment history and available credit limit.

The card company reports the account details to your reports, though you’re not responsible for paying down the balance.

Most people approach their friends or family members to be added as an AU. When assessing an account’s quality, look for qualities such as long credit history and high credit limits.

This strategy may be suitable if you’re looking for a quick boost when buying a house with a 665 credit score.

3. Add alternative data about bill payments

Through paid services such as RentReporters, it is possible to add information about rental payments to credit reports. The Experian Boost program also permits users to self-report information on streaming subscriptions or utility payments.

The Experian Boost

4. Reduce the credit utilization rate (Long-term)

A long-term strategy, you can reduce the outstanding balance on an active credit card or line of credit account. For instance, if you have a card with a limit of $10,000 and you owe $6,000, it means that you have a utilization rate of 60%.

For the best scores, maintain an average utilization rate across all accounts of 30% or less.

Is it necessary to close a card after paying it off? Well, don’t make this common mistake after reducing the balance on a card to zero. The older the card account, the more points it contributes to your score. For instance, consumers with scores of 800+ tend to have an average credit age of 22 years.

5. Avoid late payments (Long-term)

With the payment history comprising 35% of your FICO score, it’s becoming increasingly important to avoid any missed payments. Recent delinquencies can result in considerable deductions from your scores.

Take advantage of the payment relief programs offered by lenders during the COVID-19 to avoid incurring negative entries. Similarly, have an emergency relief fund in place to ensure that you can keep meeting your monthly obligations following any medical emergencies or the loss of income.

6. Apply for credit rebuilding products (Long-term)

Apply for secured credit cards or personal loans that offer better pathways to rebuild credit. How do they work? For a secured credit card, you need to make a deposit. The amount serves as your credit limit, meaning that the lender does not risk their money.

When you receive the monthly bill statement, you pay down the balance, and the lender submits the account activity in their filing to the bureaus. Gradually, you add positive information and establish your creditworthiness.


A score of 665 means that you are somewhere between a poor and a good credit rating. You may find loans for a 665 credit score, but it may mean paying higher interest rates.

Similarly, you may need a good score to rent an apartment or qualify for a better job. So, it’s essential to proactively better your credit situation to unlock better opportunities and affordable interest rates.

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Founder of Credit Repair Partner. I worked in the credit repair industry for about 10 years. I love, helping people become smarter about their credit and finances.

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